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Night of lights

there were two
of them

one fair
the other chestnut

shining out
the crowd

you know how
they are

at that age

and sniggering

at what is past
at what is to come

luminous pupils
burning bright

myriads of lights

and burning the night
into cinders and ash

they came
they giggled

they chortled
they croaked

they watched
they waited

they laughed
they languished

they jumped
they bumped

and yet again

they giggled

as they outshone
the night of lights

incandescent city!

ablaze thunderous
lewd many faces
many voices

labyrinth of desires
and sombre silhouettes

such as the poet’s

prowlers allured
into their magic halo

they don’t listen
to fairground Romeos

there’s no sweet songs
in their smooth talk
only steel claws
and desolate dawns

or perhaps death
wearing a zipped up
teddybear skin
and candyfloss


hard lights
laughter and tears

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